They’ve delivered high quality on a wide variety of projects for us.

Linden Tibbets, CEO of IFTTT

I’d work with [PromptWorks] again in a heartbeat.

Rob Stingole, Manager of Interactive Development at American Eagle Outfitters
PromptWorks office in Philadelphia
Greg Sterndale, co-founder of PromptWorks in Philadelphia, working diligently

Case Studies

We have worked on a huge variety of interesting projects, from web and mobile applications, to API integrations, and all kinds of things in between. Read some case studies to take a deeper look.

  • Movers Specialty Services: Enhancing technician communication and on-time arrival

    MSS needed an app that provides detailed instructions to their technicians on the job site and alerts customers when to be ready.

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  • Honeygrow: Enhancing a kiosk ordering flow

    Honeygrow wanted to rebuild their kiosk interface and make it effortless for customers to customize a meal with 90+ possible ingredients and not leave them paralyzed by choice.

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  • Datacolor: $1MM in sales opportunities (and growing)

    Datacolor relied on PromptWorks' discovery process to help define and develop a connected mobile app in just 4 months.

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  • Roost: Making smart devices even smarter

    Roost had a brilliant smart device, but their software wasn’t doing it justice. With their backend solution shutting down, a difficult-to-maintain codebase, and low AppStore ratings, they turned to PromptWorks for our expertise in cloud, mobile & IoT.

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  • Picwell: Helping a Healthcare Startup Overcome Their Development Bottleneck

    As an emerging healthcare startup grew, they turned to PromptWorks for the expert developers they needed to build their healthcare recommendation engine better and faster.

    Picwell – a fast growing healthcare startup – had a brilliant idea: to build...

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  • Clean Markets: Building efficiency retrofit modeling

    Clean Markets needed an online tool to predict the return of their clients’ energy efficiency retrofits over time. PromptWorks built a statistical model and web-enabled forecasting software to help building owners understand the financial impact of...

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  • IaaS Portal: A cloud computing service

    A leading provider of business continuity, information security, IT disaster recovery, and cloud systems needed a new customer-facing portal that would allow customers to use its public cloud infrastructure for developing, running and testing new applications...

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  • Thrive TRM: A talent relationship management platform

    Thrive TRM provides the software industry’s first true talent relationship management platform for executive recruiting firms, venture capital and private equity firms, and human resource recruiters in enterprise environments.

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Jason Garber, Mike Nicholaides, and Greg Sterndale, founders of PromptWorks, playing foosball
Some software development books on the PromptWorks bookshelf
Some PromptWorks employees and a laptop


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