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Hire an Agile consultant for your team

Our business analysts can help you at every level of the product development process, from mapping out the needs and motivations of your audience to handing off the finished product.

Combined with our software engineers and UX designers, PromptWorks has all the resources you need to make exceptional applications.

Our business analysts are experts in:

  • Backlog Management

    From breaking down stories to prioritizing to grooming.

  • Inceptions

    Creating and validating project scope definition through discovery workshops.

  • Agile Ceremonies

    Doing important things well: standups, estimation, and planning meetings.

  • Retrospectives

    Key to helping teams stay healthy, this sprint ritual is often under-appreciated or misunderstood

  • Agile Coaching

    Making sure your team is being agile vs. just doing agile.

  • Story Writing

    Because Creating a Good User Story is hard.

  • Sprint Management

    Watching the sprint cadence, removing obstacles, and helping the team stay on track to deliver.

  • Early Estimates

    Always harder than it sounds, we know how to turn a strategic vision painted in broad brush strokes into a qualified estimate.

  • Transmogrification

    Sitting in between business and technology, translating and communicating the needs of each part of the team to the other.

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Why Have a Business Analyst?

Efficiency and Transparency

The Business Analyst ensures a smoother more efficient project by distilling the information from the stakeholders that the developers need and vis versa. This means quicker development and stakeholders that know the exact status of their product.

Business Analysts promote Agile practices, keep the development team’s priorities straight, and continuously focus both the product owner and the development team on the goal: delivering value to the end user.

We’ve helped these companies build brilliant experiences:

An agile workshop
A PromptWorks designer working on a project

Our Process

We’re in this with you

You need to know your needs are being met. That’s why we use a collaborative, Agile process.

The process starts with a deep understanding of your users and your vision. We work closely with you in short, weekly sprints. We’ll be in constant communication, showing you new designs as they are built and getting your feedback.

We work as a part of your team, collaborating side-by-side. We take pride in what we build, crafting your app to be beautiful both inside and out. Because we’re in this with you for the long haul.

Discovery & Kickoff

During discovery we learn about and validate your vision for the product or app you want to build. We’ll walk through an inception tailored to the client where the BA facilitates multiple workshops to examine all the context the team needs to understand what we’ll be building.


At the beginning of a project a Business Analyst (BA) produces a product backlog, an ordered, prioritized list of work that the team will execute. During each sprint, the BA passes down user stories to the team and makes sure that the sprint itself is progressing as smoothly as possible.


Together with our UI/UX designer, the BA ensures that all mockups required for execution are fleshed out and ready in time for the team to pick up stories.


The BA chases down details the engineers need so they can stay heads-down in code. When issues arise, the BA steps in to manage new stories in the backlog and makes sure they are correctly prioritized.


At the completion of each sprint, the BA hosts a sprint demo, where we review the sprint accomplishments and the project's progress. The BA will walk you through each completed story and confirm that what we deliver matches your expectations.

Deployment & Handoff

The Business Analyst works with the client at the deployment and handoff stage to analyze the product roadmap and talk about what comes next, and if there are new features that need to be developed. They also look over the existing backlog to see what features were deferred or de-prioritized and discuss if those features should be implemented.

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