Philly tech week

May 23rd Schedule

Hosted at PromptWorks

9:30 AM

HTTP/2: Pipeline Bling

Hector Castro (Azavea)

Despite the major version change, HTTP/2 is not a ground-up rewrite of the HTTP protocol. In fact, HTTP/2 preserves the concept of HTTP headers, methods, and status codes. HTTP/2 refines how HTTP is expressed on the wire to help reduce end-user perceived latency. In this talk we’ll explore the changes introduced by HTTP/2 and identify areas where it can be applied today. Finally, we'll cover common hacks around HTTP/1.x that simply go away as a result of adopting HTTP/2.

10:00 AM

Panel: Cultivating the craft of software engineering

Corey Latislaw (Off Grid Electric), Justin Campbell (HashiCorp), Sarah Gray (PromptWorks), Audrey Troutt (SnipSnap), Clara Bennett (Picwell)

Five seasoned developers discuss how they write software differently because they view it as a craft. How do you approach your craft personally and how do you nurture craftsmanship on your team?

10:45 AM

Break / Coffee

11:00 AM

Continuous Deployment with HashiCorp's Terraform

Mike Ball (Comcast)

DevOps best practices encourages IT infrastructure be codified as source code. HashiCorp's Terraform aspires to offer a common mechanism through which IT professionals -- including software development teams -- can safely deploy and evolve infrastructure across entire landscapes from simple configuration files. In this talk, I'll introduce Terraform, outline how it compares to similar tools, offer some background on its strengths, and provide insight on some common pitfalls.

11:30 AM

Panel: Did we just become best friends? A design and development story

Kyle Fiedler (ThoughtBot), Helene Speer (Think Brownstone), Geoff DiMasi (P'unk Avenue), Andrew Croce (PromptWorks) and Matt McManus (OwnersUp)

A discussion among professionals who bridge design and development on how they integrate the two in their software projects.

12:15 PM

Break / Lunch

1:00 PM

The Soft Side of Software Development

Canceled due to illness.

Craig Monson (Malachiarts)

What is software development? What does that really entail, and how do we enable ourselves and our coworkers to be our best? In the IT community, there's a strong focus on the skills and technology aspect of the craft, but the other side... the human side... is often ignored, or considered unimportant. I want to change the way we ALL look at our craft by exploring what it means to develop software, from writing lines of code, to leading groups of creative craftsmen, while focusing on the humanistic aspect that is so often overlooked. My hope is that we'll all come away from this with a new appreciation that the soft side of software development is just (if not more) important than the hard side of software development.

1:30 PM

Panel: Pair programming like a bauss

Joseph Moore (Pivotal), Pam Selle (Comcast), Olivia Haas (DuckDuckGo), Moderated by Jason Garber (PromptWorks)

A panel of pair programming veterans discuss this software development practice, its impact on their work and their teams. Get your pairing questions answered by developers with years of pairing experience.

2:15 PM

Behind the Closed Door - What is a Project Inception and Why It Matters to Senior Engineers

Olivia Haas (DuckDuckGo) & Yvonne Chen (PromptWorks)

Whether we’re senior engineers, managing an engineering team, or consulting for clients, it’s important to discover early on what success for your project looks like and confirm that all team members share on a common vision. During this session, we’ll look at the different exercises you’d commonly encounter in a strategy workshop and explain how you can apply these approaches to make engineering decisions. You’ll walk away with new tools and best practices to inspire, motivate, and guide your engineering team.

3:00 PM

Break / Coffee

3:15 PM

Rethinking "Soft" Skills: What makes them so hard?

Helene Speer (Think Brownstone)

We've seen increasing awareness of the importance of interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills to career success. As developers, do we neglect these "soft" skills in our focus on the technical? We'll explore the origins of the "soft vs hard" skill dichotomy, its manifestations, and its implications for our field.

3:45 PM

What to do with your data in 2016

Vicki Boykis (CapTech Ventures)

It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many tools out there for working with big data. We'll walk through an evaluation process for finding your way through the landscape: Does your company even have big data? What do you want to do with your data? What kind of people are working with the data? This talk is targeted both towards managers and practitioners who want to learn more about today's new data landscape.

4:15 PM

Panel: What *good* technical leaders do differently

Kimberly Blessing (Think Brownstone), Rob Di Marco (Firebase), Matt Rogish (ReactiveOps), Arpit Mathur (Comcast), Chip Childers (Cloud Foundry), Moderated by Grant Ammons (PipelineDeals).

Hear from a panel of Philly tech leaders on what separates the leaders of effective, happy teams from the rest.

5:00 PM

Happy Hour

After a full day of talks, unwind with speakers, panelists, and PromptWorks staff for drinks, networking, and socializing.